Annie Bachelder Divine Portal Akashic Records Readings transform your painful problems, financial blocks & chronic health conditions into real world solutions, personal harmony & spiritual momentum. 
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About Annie Bachelder

About Annie Bachelder

Greetings and Welcome!  In 1975 at the age of 17, Annie was awakened to the realm of psychic/intuitive healing and the power of "White Light" by a psychic therapist.  In 1983 she had the most life-changing channeled reading with Sanaya Roman which truly set the stage and the high standard of quality for learning to channel. In 1987 Annie was invited to participate in the "Awakening Your Light Body" seminar created and taught by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer - provided she could satisfy the prerequisite of being able to channel. The purpose and intent of the course so excited her that she was absolutely committed to participating in "Awakening Your Light Body" and willing to do what ever was needed to accomplish that goal.  Operating on blind faith, sheer determination, a copy of the book "Opening to Channel" by her side, Annie learned to channel alone in her own home.  It was far easier than she had expected!  Annie has been channeling Anubis, her spiritual guide, and doing professional psychic readings for 30 years. She is a natural psychic with plenty of advanced esoteric training in sensing energy and the transmission of messages from her clients Guides.
In 1990 Annie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and throughout the next decade she had a number of significant MS attacks, then she succumbed to full multiple sclerosis disability in 2002.  Annie had to be taught to walk again and her right arm was paralyzed for a time requiring that she relearn all her right arm and hand movements. She moved in with her sweet Mother for much needed care. Continuing to channel Anubis for guidance for herself and for a few clients, Annie followed Anubis' directions regarding energy techniques and emotional processing regarding the effects of her disability. During this period, Anubis guided her in working effectively with her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state, and how to navigate the personalities present each day. In March of 2010, meditating daily and with an increasing appetite, Annie began reading classic spiritual material in earnest - authors such as Joel S. Goldsmith, Eckhart Tolle and others. She also ceased eating wheat and sugar. In June 2010, she began treatment for MS with Dr. Lobsang Dhondup, a Traditional Tibetan Physician, who prescribed Tibetan herbs and a diet specific to her condition, and within 15 months she was so much improved that she was able to live independently and resumed a normal life. She continues to take the Tibetan herbs and follow the special diet, and take western medication concurrently. Today, she does Divine Portal Akashic Records readings full time, exercises vigorously and lives a fully independent life with her partner, Peter. 

In 2013 Annie discovered the book "How to Read the Akashic Records" by Dr. Linda Howe, the leading expert on the Akashic Records for personal and spiritual growth. She is Certified by Dr. Howe as an Advanced Practitioner and an Advanced Teacher of her classes. Because of her own personal history, Annie is uniquely qualified to help you in the areas of Chronic Illnesses (Please see the Chronic Wellness Process page), clearing unwanted ancestral influences and reconciling the after effects of past lives. 

Annie is passionately focused on helping people through Divine Portal Akashic Records readings. Focusing on deepening and your connection to your Soul, and hence to Source, clients experience an increase of self-love, clarity and an enlightened perspective about who they are, why, and what their path is leading them toward. Occurring in a culture of Love and Respect expressed through the principles "Judge Not" "Fear Not" and "Resist Not" clients feel their difficult -- even traumatic -- problems are remarkably soothed, calmed and new actions are clear and do-able. Readings are non-denominational. 

She invites other MS patients and people with other chronic conditions to contact her about how she has recovered from multiple sclerosis. She invites speaking opportunities regarding her healing and inspiring story covering what has worked in treating multiple sclerosis. Contact Annie at (415) 846-2412. 

Annie's work is not about setting herself up as an "All Knowing Guru". Her work is about demonstrating that exploring within, we all have the resources to access our innate goodness, the love and wisdom to heal ourselves, and to grow into the Light-filled beings we already are. She feels that she serves best as a guide and fellow traveler.

I am available as a Lively Inspirational and Motivational Public Speaker. Please Contact me at (415) 846-2412
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